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Five Established Health Benefits Provided by CBD (Cannabidiol) Oil

Cannabidiol (CBD) is one of the at least 100 cannabinoids in cannabis and has been the focus of a lot of research, thanks to its various medical applications. But it's hardly just its curative properties that have brought such great interest in CBD of late. The compound is nonpsychoactive as well, meaning, you will not get 'high' from it, unlike recreational marijuana as we all know it.

Below are just five of the major health benefits you can expect from regular use of CBD oils:

Pain Relief

Scientist have found that CBD works with receptors in the brain and immune system to tone down inflammation and reduce pain. Get more info on cbd oil sarasota fl. Some studies, including one published in the Journal of Experimental Medicine, discovered that CBD considerably eases inflammation in mice and rats - but it's barely just rodents benefiting from such effects. A review in 2008 showed that CBD lessens pain in human patients without any undesired side effects.

Seizure Management

When there's a considerable fluctuation of the electrical activity of the brain, a seizure occurs. A study found in The New England Journal of Medicine ventured into the effects of CBD medication on young adults with Dravet syndrome, an uncommon type of epilepsy that is usually caused by a fever. The frequency of their seizures all decreased by a median of 38.

Anti-Anxiety Activity

While CBD is better known for fighting physiological symptoms, research indicating its power over a variety of mental health conditions, including anxiety, is gaining ground too. Based on research conducted by the University of So Paulo, CBD substantially reduces subjective anxiety, leading to the conclusion that CBD helps manage anxiety in [social anxiety disorder], and that this benefit is related to the effects of the compound on the limbic and paralimbic regions of the brain.

Treatment of Cancer

Cannabidiol has been found to help in cancer treatment too, and in various ways at that. Get more info on pharmaceutical grade cbd oil. It works by making tumors shrink, thanks to its ability to crush tumor cells, particularly in leukemia and colon cancer. Additionally, investigations have revealed that CBD is effective in blocking the distribution of cervical cancer cells.

Reduction of Diabetes Risk

A less popular health benefit that comes with CBD oil is the reduced risk for the autoimmune disease, diabetes. In a study involving non-obese, diabetic-prone female mice, only 32 percent of the subjects were later diagnosed to have diabetes, compared to the untreated group's 100 percent.

In summary, CBD oil is an amazingly useful medicine that can address an entire range of health conditions, both physical and psychological. While this list is far from complete, it does emphasize just a few of the ways that CBD can possibly save health and life. Learn more from

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